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Reference list for Sauter upright and grand pianos at music schools, conservatories and other institutions.

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Sauter Pianofortemanufaktur is among the most important piano manufacturers in the world. In the guide for performance-grade pianos, Sauter is established in the highest quality class.

The Noble Sauter Sound Dominates in Oslo's New Opera House

The musical heart of the new opera house in Oslo beats primarily to the German sound. Sauter has delivered no fewer than 13 keyboard instruments: five Delta grand pianos (1.85 meters), four Omega grand pianos (2.20 meters) and four upright pianos (1.22 meters in height). The oldest piano manufacturer has thus delivered more grand and upright pianos than any other manufacturer—in the world. Sauter pianos are thus contributing to the overall essential, esthetic impression of the Norwegian opera scene.