Unparalleled Tone, Unique Design

SAUTER upright pianos offer a brilliant sound, sensitive touch and great expressivity. We build pianos for the concert hall as well as your home. To ensure that your piano harmonizes with your personal lifestyle, we place a strong emphasis on design and particularly value form and workmanship.


Classic Line

Experience clarity of sound. Regardless of which model you select, SAUTER upright pianos inspire the joy of music.

Starting out with

The next generation of sound

For today and tomorrow

Small but impressive

A promise of noble sound

The new classic

Robust and sophisticated

Noble sound and touch

Designed by Peter Maly

Interior designer Peter Maly designs pianos that harmonize with today's living environments. In technical terms, these models are nearly the equals of the Master Class.

The boldness of purism

The boldness of purism

The new transparency

The elegance of gentle curves

Art deco

Reduction to the essential

harmonious contrast

Drawing on 200 years of experience

Master Class

The first-rate technical excellence of our piano factory is characterized by particular values and high-quality features such as the sostenuto pedal (a SAUTER innovation), which helps to achieve the nuanced performance of a grand piano.

Harmonious elegance

For discerning ears

Sauter SilentPlay

The ideal enhancement for your Sauter instrument. This advanced silent system makes a real impression with its realistic piano sound and specially designed muting feature.

The ideal enhancement


Discover the remarkable sound of the 1/16-tone upright from SAUTER.

The 1/16-tone upright from SAUTER

First-class Piano Benches

Functional, sophisticated and of high quality, our piano benches meet the highest standards of esthetics and craftsmanship.

Esthetically mature

Elegant and timeless

Straight lines

Pure elegance

Award-winning design