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Miami, FL.  Jose Negroni, one of the World’s outstanding Latin Jazz musician’s has become a Sauter Artist.  Mr. Negroni graduated from the prestigious Conservatorio de Musica de Puerto Rico and taught at the Conservatorio for seventeen years.  He is an established musician, composer, arranger and musical director and has recorded and released several CD’s.  In 2005, he was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Latin Music category.

Jose is looking forward to playing a Sauter Grand Piano for his next recording in the fall of 2006.  His music combines jazz with the rhythmic Puerto Rican sound that is becoming very popular around the world.

Negroni’s Trio audiences have been captivated by the classical lyricism, innovative and fresh piano improvisations and downright groove on both standard and original material.  They currently hold an extensive calendar of international festival and local events that repeatedly electrify a wide array of new audiences and following.

Carl Sauter pianos is the world’s oldest piano manufacturer who has been continuously in business and esteemed to be one of the world’s finest pianos.